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Heat Sheets (12" x 24")

Heat Sheets

Order today and get your Heat Sheets in just 3-5 days.

Stay Cool!

Heat Shield Solutions

Projects just keep making more power, whether through new engine design or forced induction. Shielding necessary components from heat is critical. Heat Sheets will do that.

Some characteristics of our Heat Sheet products are:

  • Made from corrugated aluminum
  • Each sheet is 12″ x 24″ in size and .5mm in thickness
  • Lightweight & easy to shape
  • Corrosion resistant
  • The embossment structure offers superior rigidity
  • They offer excellent thermal protection
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Protect Your Vehicle

Avoid issues caused by insulating products that don’t provide the thermal protection you need and protect them with Heat Sheets.

Why Consider Heat Sheets as the Best Heat Shield?

Whatever your vehicle, you want to keep sensitive components protected from heat sources. A common solution is to wrap heat-sensitive areas with heat wrap. While it can protect other parts of the vehicle, it also acts as an insulator, trapping all that heat. This can cause even higher temperatures throughout the system, leading to heat soak. Heat Sheets work differently. They function as a barrier to reflect heat, potentially moving it away from the components, and prevent heat soaking. The sheets don’t trap heat, which reduce cabin heat. By installing the sheets between the exhaust and the cabin floor they act much like a factory OEM application.

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Talk to Us

Heat sheets can be used on a wide variety of vehicles, from classic cars to muscle cars to airplanes. If you would like to know more about our Heat Sheet products, give us a call. Our experts will guide you through the purchase process and answer your questions regarding our product.

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Common Uses

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Power Sports
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Street Rods
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Muscle Cars
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Race Cars
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Drag Cars
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Off Road
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