Fuel Line Heat Shield

fuel line heat shield

Protect Fuel Lines

Fuel lines are one of the most essential components that require heat protection. Heat Sheets can be used as a hose heat shield and acts as a barrier between fuel lines and any heat sources to keep temperatures low. Heat Sheets is an easy, reliable way to protect your fuel system, reduce temperatures, and help increase horsepower in your vehicle. Wrapping areas with other heat shielding material can trap heat inside the vehicle and cause the temperature to rise even more. Once temperatures are elevated, the heat can travel and increase down the line. This creates fuel problems and possible engine damage throughout the system. Since Heat Sheets is designed as a barrier and reflector of heat, it will not allow for heat soak. Avoid insulating your fuel lines and protect them with Heat Sheets.

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10 Heat Sheets


Heat Sheets is an aluminum heat shielding material designed to protect heat sensitive areas such as fuel pumps, fuel lines, electrical and even the passenger cabin. It is designed to work with Intakes, Turbos, Exhaust or any other high heat applications. Heat Sheets can be cut, bent and molded to almost any form. It fastens to any solid mounting point for protection up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Sheets are 12″ x 24″
– Corrugated aluminum
– Shipping & handling applies

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